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#WePrintThat-January 2023

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Project Corner: 
Reunion Brewery New Iowa City Location

3D Print Simulation Software:
Test your part strength before you print

Employee Highlight:
Bradley Mohwinkle

Introducing Simulation from Markforged

With Simulation, you can now virtually test the strength and stiffness of your parts right from your Eiger workflow — which means you can validate your part’s performance before you hit print. 

Simulation instills confidence that your 3D printed parts will have the strength required for demanding industrial applications. Powerful simultion technology that’s optimized for additive manufacturing lets any user virtally test parts — taking the guesswork out of configuring print parameters to meet performance requirements. 

Simulation allows you to deliver trusted parts faster by reducing design-print test iteration cycles and rework delays. Unlike traditional simulation tools that need specialized expertise and time-consuming analysis, Simulation is integrated into Eiger and streamlined for additive manufacturing so users can test parts within their familiar slice and print workflow. 

Simulation reduces the cost of 3D printed parts by automatically optimizing the amounts of material and continuous fiber reinforcement needed. Avoid overbuilt parts and wasted material by effortlessly applying settings that optimize to meet your needs for strength, cost, and print speed. Replacing the typical 5 to 25 iterations of trial and error printing with virtual testing can end- save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per part. Ultimately, this enables expanded use of fiberreinforced composite parts — more metal tooling and use parts can be replaced in a manner that is faster, for cheaper, and effortlessly.

ReUnion Brewery’s New Location

ReUnion Brewery has two locations one in Coralville
and the other is downtown Iowa City. We recently had
the pleasure of working at the new Iowa City location.
We installed a number of their unique art pieces
throughout their facility and on their front windows.

Pictured above: Through heat we are able to manipulate the material into cracks giving the finished product a painted-on appearance.

Pictured right: This is a standard printed and custom cut vinyl.

Brad Ice Fishing

Employee Highlight

Bradley Mohwinkle President

I am a proud father of 4 girls (Liliana 14, Kyana 12, Alana 4 and Caliana 1) with my super supportive wife Sarah, who has helped me reach my goals at Rapids. Outside of work I love ice fishing, cruising on my One-wheel, and watching my girls play on their FC United Soccer teams. I began at Rapids Reproductions when I was 16 as a delivery driver. Over the years I have been lucky to experience all aspects of the company production, service and sales. One of the the many reasons I love working at Rapids is getting to see customer’s excitement for a completed project.