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Need Assistance?

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For your color prints we have special color scanners

Our scanners and software enable us to reproduce your original’s quality or even enhance it. They are digitized with scanning technology ensuring top-quality images even with the most difficult originals.

Rapids offers hardware, software and services to enable easy document management.


Monochrome or color, large or small we can scan your hardcopy for archiving, copying or digital manipulation. We can handle anything from a snapshot to 36″ wide by any reasonable length with a scanning resolution from 72 DPI to1200 DPI. Mixed-size documents are not a problem and we will scan to virtually any format you need. We can even scan large format mounted originals.


Rapids can help you convert paper-based filing systems to highly efficient and cost-effective electronic document management systems. No more misplaced or torn drawings. Prints from digital files will be the first generation not second, third or fourth. We can also simply send you the files to archive yourselves.

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