Custom Cardboard Cutout Standees

Nothing stops traffic in front of your business or organization quite like a Custom Cardboard Cutout Standee.

A colorful, vibrant life-size cutout is a head-turning magnet directing potential customers’ attention to your business, organization and trade show booth. No sign communicates your products, events, message and mission quite like a larger than life cutout standee.

No Ordinary Sign

Widely available in three to seven feet and even taller, custom cardboard cutout standees stand out and stand apart. Precision cut and available in almost any shape or sign you can imagine, custom cardboard cutout standees get noticed time and time again. Like Taylor Swift or Bruce Springsteen walking down Main Street, people are going to pay attention to you.

Custom & Durably Made For You

Coated cardboard is the most standard and most economical. Coated Cardboard is best for indoor use and moderate handling.

For the highest print quality life for cutouts with photos, Foam Core is the go-to material. Flat, sturdy and delivering sharp image quality, foam core stands the test of time.

For outdoor cutouts, nothing weathers the unpredictable storms and elements of Mother Nature like Corrugated Plastic. Similar in construction to cardboard, corrugated plastic is impervious to the elements and extremely more durable than common cardboard.

Sharp Ink

UV resistant, waterproof ink from commercial quality ink jet printers ensure your cutout’s text and message won’t fade in the sun or fade over time.  

All of the materials are printed with UV resistant, waterproof inks on commercial quality ink jet printers. Your life-sized cutout will not fade in the sun and will look great for many years. Popular colors for Custom Cardboard Cutout Standees include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Gray
  • Green
  • White

Whatever color you choose make sure it matches the colors of your business or organization.

Standing the Test of Time

No Cardboard Cutout Standee can stand on wobbly feet. A Permanently attached stand allows quick set up and take down. Corrugated plastic cut outs set up quickly and can be removed and re-attached.

Cardboard Cutout Standees includes a sturdy stand with all life size cutouts. Cardboard cut outs and foam core cut outs set-up quickly with a permanently attached stand. Corrugated plastic cut outs set-up quickly with a stand that can be removed and re-attached. Corrugated plastic is perfect for standees designed for trade shows or promotions.

Picture Perfect Photos

For Custom Cardboard Cutout Standees starring a photo, strong photo resolution is imperative to present a professional, clear image. For professional photo graphics, designers recommend setting files up at a minimum of 72 ppi at full size. For photos uploaded from phones, most Smart phones will deliver high quality images with superb resolution. A good way to get an accurate indication of your photo’s quality is to zoom into the face of the cutout. A typical monitor is about 17-22 inches.

Texting Your Message

Your sign’s text should be as unique as your cutout. Speech bubbles, thought bubbles and sign text with humorous quotes are catchy ways to draw attention to your sign. If your team would like to write its own message, a dry erase whiteboard option works best. Text font size should be clearly visible from up to 30 feet away.  

Remember, nothing says you like adding your business or organization’s logo or slogan to the cutout.

A Sign Uniquely You

With Custom Cardboard Cutout Standees, the one size fits all sign goes out the window. Designed to uniquely communicate who you are, custom Cardboard Cutout Standees are life-size ways to draw attention and draw people to you, your business and organization.

Just Imagine the Possibilities

Perfect for special events, work conferences, birthday parties, anniversary parties, graduation parties.  Here are just a few examples.

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