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Pole Banners

December 2023 #WePrintThat

#WePrintThat-December 2023

Visual Graphics through a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.


Innovative Form of Visual Communication

Featured Project:
University of Iowa

Employee Highlight:
Doug Kayser

Employee Anniversaries:
12/21- Doug 3 years (Cedar Rapids)

South of 6th

South of 6 District- Pole Banners

Pole Banners, an innovative form of visual communication, enhance utility poles in both public and private spaces, known by various nicknames such as avenue banners, boulevard banners, city street banners, and light post banners. Serving as a dynamic medium, they prove to be among the most effective ways to communicate messages within a community.

Typically lining busy city streets, pole banners play a crucial role in promoting awareness of upcoming events, seasonal activities, and holiday cheer. Their versatility extends to applications in hospitals and parking lots for effective wayfinding, while colleges and universities leverage them to boost brand visibility and promote school pride.

In a recent milestone, we collaborated with the South of 6 District in Iowa City, installing an impressive array of over forty pole banners. This marked a historic first for the community, as they have never before had banners embellish the southside of town.

Inspired by the vibrant 4,400 sq ft mural ‘Our Children Spoke’ on Broadway Street in the South District Neighborhood, the banners radiate colors and designs that celebrate diversity and innovation. Serving as a warm welcome to the community, these banners symbolize our commitment to being a part of a historic moment and contributing to the spirit of inclusivity.

Pole Banners
Campus Activities Board

We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with the Iowa Memorial Union at the University of Iowa. The latest project was for the Campus Activities Board (CAB). CAB provides a wide range of activities and entertainment for students by students.

This project consisted of vinyl graphics and acrylic signage. First, we ensured the wall was clean and free of any debris. Then we skillfully applied the graphic to the projecting wall. Once the graphic was in place, we drilled out the holes in the wall to hang the sign. The CAB sign was made of acrylic and was mounted with black stand-offs.

Campus Activities Board

Employee Highlight

Doug Kayser - Delivery

You all pretty much know who I am, but for those of you that don’t, my name is Doug Kayser. I live in Robins with my girlfriend, Tina. I have two wonderful daughters and I’m blessed with three wonderful grandboys! Staying active is what I like to do! My love is golf, but I’m becoming a fan of Pickleball!

After working for 24 years behind a desk at Collins Aerospace,

I really enjoy being outdoors and meeting new people everyday driving for Rapids Reproductions!