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Océ 86900 24lb. Deluxe Bond Paper

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86900 is formulated especially for CAD and engineering copy originals, and is highly recommended for final plots or presentations. 86900 24 lb. Premium bond paper is an ultra white, bright bond that provides higher inkjet print quality and optimal results with most monochrome and color inkjet printers.


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Physical Properties*
• Basis Weight: 24 lb.
• Caliper: 4.0 mil
• Brightness: 98%
• Opacity: 92%
• Smoothness: 50
• pH: Acid Free
• ECF: (Elemental chlorine free)
*Target Values

• Premium grade, opaque bond with bright white, high contrast surface.
• Monochrome and inkjet highlight colors.
• Sharp line quality, consistent solid fills and excellent character formation.
• Performs well in most inkjet printers.

• Crisp, clear, easy-to-read prints.
• Acid free for increased print life.

Recommended Storage Conditions and Shelf Life
• Temperature: 55-90 °F (20-50 °C)
• Relative Humidity: 30-70%
• Shelf life: 2 years with proper conditions.
• Allow material to stabilize to room conditions 24 hours before use.

Environmental, Health, and Safety
• No Material Safety Data Sheet required.
• Waste not suited for recycling.

Main Applications
This product is highly recommended for final plots or as a master for plain paper copying.

Printer/Ink Compatibility
86900 is recommended for use in many monochrome and color printers.

Processing Tips
• Outside of the roll is side to be printed.
• Sheets – Side opposite the label is side to be printed.
• Print in a dust and dirt free environment 60-85 °F (10-35 °C), 30-70% R.H.
• Repack opened rolls when not in use.
• Check and clean cartridge prior to printing.

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