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Metal Real Estate Yard Signs:  Stand Out in the Crowd

The 7-Second Rule of Real Estate Sign Advertising

A real estate sign that merely says “For Sale” isn’t saying much and not nearly enough to make a lasting first impression with potential buyers.

The Seven-Second Rule of Advertising says you have seven seconds to make a first impression. A bland real estate sign that says nothing makes something even worse than a bad impression: No impression at all. And if they’re not made of metal, they might not even be standing on some wild weather days.

The best real estate yard signs instantly connect with buyers by inviting people in with the persuasion of the exterior of the house. Here are four time-tested tips to have the best real estate signs around:

  • Keep It Simple. Persuasive advertising isn’t rocket science. With any printed sign, you’ve got precious limited space to share a lot of information. The more cluttered a sign is, the harder it is for buyers to read.  A strong real estate sign tells readers who you are, what you’re offering and how to get in touch, and grabs positive attention in, you guessed it, seven seconds or less. Remember, your target audience are drivers passing by the property.  Keep your design and text simple. Add your company’s logo to jazz up the sign, and remember …
  • Size Matters. Bigger is not always better in real estate, but for real estate signs, size does matter. Your sign needs to be easily readable and clear for passing drivers. Small type and cramped print keep people from seeing your message clearly, and keep them guessing on what your sign is saying.  Post the important information in big, bold and vibrant detail. Post secondary details in smaller print underneath.
  • No Decorative Fonts. Forget the bells and whistles. You’re not trying to win a Most Creative Yard Sign Design Award here. A sign that is not clear and legible from 20 feet away won’t work.  Use a clear, simple, easy-to-read font and print out a rough draft version to test its legibility from 20-30 feet away. Ask friends and neighbors for their impression.
  • Accent With Color. Bold and unique colors sing, and hold attention like Beyonce performing the National Anthem. Vibrant colors are memorable and stand loud and apart from other signage on the road. Use complimentary colors on the background and contrasting colors for your information. Use black or white text. A color wheel tool is a good assistant to decide on the ideal palette.

Rapids Reproductions can assist you to create the perfect, attention-grabbing design for your real estate sign. Use the contact form to the right to speak with one of our reps.

PVC vs Aluminum vs Metal Real Estate Signs

Of course, a real estate sign can only reach buyers if it has a strong backbone to withstand the unpredictable moods of Mother Nature. That’s why we advising going with a metal real estate sign, whether light or heavy.

PVC signs are popular thanks to their durability and ability to withstand a wide range of outdoor weather conditions. Plus, PVC signs don’t yellow and fade easily.

But they’re a weak little brother to metal signs, which boast unmatched message power.

Aluminum real estate signs also offer excellent durability and are impervious to rust. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, aluminum is lightweight, and is tougher than a two-dollar steak. Plus, aluminum yard signs offer a classy and professional look, whether they are brushed, polished or sporting a mirrored finish.

But aluminum’s most impressive selling point is its price tag. More affordable than redwood and most plastics, its a powerhouse triple threat: strong, durable and affordable.

In today’s technological era of advertising, real estate yard signs are still a timeless method of reaching buyers fast and are an essential element of landing any sale. They grab attention, they deliver important information, and, most importantly, provide your contact information.

“As technological as we are … as soon as a real estate sign is in the yard, (potential buyers) know the house is for sale,” real estate agent Sarah Stovall told

Remember, a real estate sign is your first pitch to buyers. A great sign leaves a great and lasting impression, and makes a strong and compelling first pitch for you.

Rapids Reproductions can walk you through the process from start to finish to produce the perfect real estate signage to meet your needs.  Contact  us today!