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Need Assistance?

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Looking for a 3D Printing Manager

General Statement of Duties Responsible for the successful printing, scheduling and shipment of all 3D print jobs. Also responsible for the marketing, quoting and sales of 3D printing equipment. Operation of all 3D printers. Create quotes based on information provided by customers. Use the 3D printer software to quote, print 3D print jobs and route […]

Rapids’ volunteers help set up for Miracles In Motion’s Boo At The Barn.

  Jill, Tim, and Ron from Rapids Reproductions put up signs, and banners, set up tables, chairs, and pop-up canopies, put out bowls of candy, and prizes. All to make an enjoyable and successful event for Miracles In Motion. Boo At The Barn is their main fundraising event of the year. The weather was crisp […]

Summer Updates

Enhance your work environment this summer with custom graphics, and turn your office into a destination.   Vinyl Walls One of the most dramatic office updates you can make is to add vinyl. Our talented graphic design team will turn your ideas into a stunning display that makes heads turn for years to come. Watch […]

How to Make Temporary Signage Work for You

How to Make Temporary Signage Work for You   From advertising a special event to adding visibility for your business, even in the digital age, physical signage remains one of the most common ways to get your message seen. Rapids Reproductions is a source for all our customer’s signage needs from real estate to yard […]

Rapids 3D Printing for the Visually Impaired

Charting a Course: Rapids 3D Printing for the Visually Impaired   3D printing has come a long way since the 1980’s when it first made an appearance. In the 21st century, advancements for this 3D rendering technique have enabled us to create anything from metal mechanical parts to plastic prototyping tools –quicker and more efficiently […]

Natural Light in the Workplace

Natural Light in the Workplace   The open office has become a popular trend among companies looking to increase the effectiveness of their meetings, while fostering a workspace that gets the most done. Many offices across the country have searched for ways to get out of the ‘cubicle’ scene of individual company work and into […]

What Social Distancing Looks Like in 2021

What Social Distancing Looks Like in 2021 With a new set of rules on how to traverse stores and other public areas, the wayfinding on how we get about was set to change in 2020.   By definition, Wayfinding is the process of planning and following a route. This generally means the use of well […]

How To Stand Out With Custom Car Graphics

Vinyl Graphics   Thousands of people drive the exact same car as you… make yours unique with custom vinyl graphics!   The concept of applying graphics on automobiles is by no means a new one. It all started early as the 1920’s when PF Hershey decided to place their brand on the sides of their […]

Small Metal 3D Prints

The smallest 3d metal prints we have run to date. Turned out very well. Even the small teeth in the gears turned out well. Printed in 17-4 Stainless Steel. Click Here for more information on 3d printing

3D Printing: Annealing a New Metal

We have just sintered a new metal at Rapids Reproductions! The A2 Tool Steel was not only sintered but annealed as well. Annealing is a heat treatment process that alters the micro structure of a material to change its electrical properties. Typically annealing is used to reduce hardness, increase ductility, and help eliminate internal stresses. […]

3D Printing in Metal

First Copper parts we have produced. Pictures of after the sinter and before. Copper is very thermal and electrically conductive therefore used in heatsinks and electronics.

Working From Home?

Working From Home with No or Limited Access to Your Work Printers?   Rapids has been helping several customers who are working from home and sending us their print files to get printed and delivered or shipped where ever they need to go.   Here’s a link to our Online form to send us digital […]

New Equipment being Installed

new printing equipment being installed

Our new flatbed printer has arrived in time for Christmas. Faster, better quality with newer technology. Prints on wood, stone, plastic just about any substrate up to 4′ x 8′.

How to Breathe Fresh New Life Into Your Workplace

Crystal Group company timeline wall graphic

Breathe Fresh New Life Into Your Workplace The workplace. It’s the visible engine of your business. It’s where you tell customers who you are, what you do and what you can do for them. Nothing says blah and instills apprehension into customers’ minds like a stale workplace. For workers, drab workplaces can hurt office productivity […]

Latest 3D print

Large decorative piece that took over four days of printing. The client loved the way it turned out.

New Equipment at Rapids

We just installed 2 new printers to increase our capabilities. Innovative color digital presses that deliver superb image quality, oversize print options, and diverse media choices. The 5th Color Station lets you go beyond CMYK to produce unique, compelling materials with vivid 2,400 dpi x 4,800 dpi laser resolution and photo-like images, supported by precise […]

3D Printing Helps Customer In Need

A customer called us with a problem. There was a big show they were displaying their products at and a shipment of parts they needed got lost. They sent us the CAD files and we had them printed by the next day so they could take them to the show. Good example of what Additive […]

Introducing Blacksmith For Additive Manufacturing

scan blacksmith

Produce the Right Part Every Time Blacksmith makes manufacturing machines ‘aware’ by connecting machines that make parts and inspection equipment with a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution. Blacksmith automatically adjusts programming to ensure every part is produced as designed. WATERTOWN, MA – May 20, 2019 – Markforged, the leading provider of metal and carbon fiber 3D […]

The Latest Metal Parts We’ve Produced

3D printed parts

A couple of tube type pieces that will be welded and long tools with unusual custom shapes. These would be difficult and expensive to make any other way other than Additive Manufacturing.

Tradeshow Display Graphics

Tradeshow display graphics

Want your booth to be the talk of your next trade show? A trade show is a prime-time opportunity to develop new customers, market your new products and services and take your business and sales to the next level. Rapids Reproductions offers a wide variety of graphics, displays and exhibits to make your booth Grand […]

Interior Graphics

Wall Graphic at Rapids Reproductions

An example of the type of Interior Graphics we can do. Our logo put up on a wall in our Davenport office. Also known as Environmental Graphics, it’s a way to transform your environment to your brand. From the first impression of the reception area to individual work areas and common spaces, we can help […]

Part Production at Rapids

3D printed parts

Had to print 100 of these end-use parts in less than a week. Had 4 of our Markforged printers running 24/7. Our other 2 printers were also running other jobs. Low volume production additive manufacturing is here.