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Tradeshow display graphics

Tradeshow Display Graphics

Want your booth to be the talk of your next trade show?

A trade show is a prime-time opportunity to develop new customers, market your new products and services and take your business and sales to the next level.

Rapids Reproductions offers a wide variety of graphics, displays and exhibits to make your booth Grand Central Station and the talk of the trade show.

Remember, the last thing you want your booth to be is boring. No one remembers a boring trade show booth, yet alone visits one.

Prepping for a trade show can be a daunting process. You have to decide on your budget, design, material choices and space, and do it all on a deadline. Our practical solutions can have your booth buzzing with heavy show traffic, excitement and customer enthusiasm for your company’s services and products.

The secrets to your trade show success

Our booth display solutions don’t just attract attention, but new customers. Our out-of-the-box thinking and print marketing can help you design the right booth for your trade show.

  • Step 1 is finding the right display for your show. Your display must ensure attendees will stop by and visit. Our widespread ReproMax Network can deliver you an attention-grabbing booth whether your trade show is in Cedar Rapids, Chicago or the Twin Cities.
  • Step 2 is designing a booth that speaks to your target customer. We have a plan for that.

Cross Media Marketing

Here are a couple recommendations to help turn heads and turn shoes in the direction of your booth.

  • Direct mail and email blasts allow you to capture targeted contact information with personalized URLs. This gives you valuable pre-show dialogue.  Rapids Reproductions can help your create an eye-catching direct mail piece to help drive traffic to your booth.
  • Activity tracking allows your sales team to contact prospects at the right time and in “real time.” For example, sending an email blast to announce a product demonstration time at the show can produce email clicks, give your sales team a potential customer list and enable them to craft a customized follow-up pitch.

With easy cross media marketing, you can have a highway of foot traffic running to your booth.

Portable, full-size and table top displays

No matter how stylish your booth is, tabletop displays can seriously up its wow factor. Table tents deliver easily visible and compelling advertising and promotion.

Talk of the Trade

We know a compelling trade show booth is about more than a back drop or collateral. We will work with you to understand your goals and customize the best booth or display recommendations for you. From banners to pop-up stands, table covers to logos, we’ve got you covered with specialized ideas that talk to your target customer.

Whether you are a small business owner or the marketing coordinator of a large company, we will design a customized booth display plan that is uniquely you.

But Rapids Reproductions’ ability to promote and grow your business goes far beyond just your trade show booth. Ask us about how we can increase your sponsor recognition, improve your signage, enhance your color presentation boards or high end murals.

We have the creative ideas, smart tools, professional team and right game plan to make your booth the talk of your next trade show.