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How to Make Temporary Signage Work for You

How to Make Temporary Signage Work for You


From advertising a special event to adding visibility for your business, even in the digital age, physical signage remains one of the most common ways to get your message seen. Rapids Reproductions is a source for all our customer’s signage needs from real estate to yard signs—but what options are available and how can they work for you?

There are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to printing for signage. Here are some unique options to consider, and some tips for deciding what might be the best fit for your temporary signage.


Corrugated Yard Signs


Yard signs are perfect for displaying over the weekend, or for the entire season with proper placement and care. This coroplast material is rugged

 enough to stand up against most elements and makes for easy storage when no longer needed. The sturdy ‘channel’ interior makes this type of sign popular for its durability and lightweight build.

Use coroplast signs for garage sales, advertising at roadside, signage for local sports teams, and commemorative signage for birthdays and graduations. The standard 18×24″ size is available, as well as custom-cut shapes for large-scale lettering, custom graphic images, cut-outs of photos, and more.

Pros: Lightweight, storable, customizable, cost effective
Cons: Better for short-term use


Vinyl Banners

Similar to yard signs, vinyl banners have long been used for temporary events and are easy to store once they are taken down. Standard vinyl used at Rapids is resistant to tears, fading, and reinforced with metal grommets to ensure they will hold up for as long as you need them to. Vinyl is a flexible alternative to coroplast signs, but requires extra setup for displaying.

Vinyl banners are used commonly for grand openings of businesses, wraps for baseball fields, advertisements for new products outside of stores, and wherever else they can be tethered. Use posts to display banners as free-standing, or display against the wall by hanging.

Pros: Lightweight, storable, flexible, customizable, Durable
Cons: Requires posts or a surface to hang


Aluminum Signage


Alu-panel signs are one of the more rugged options for signage. Depending on your needs and timeline, they can be just as temporary as they are durable. Alu-panel signs can be cut to what size they are needed and mounted for short or long-term.

Aluminum signage is used for anything from real estate signage to parking signs, and anything in between. Alu-panel can be used for shop signage that will last through the seasons, smaller signs for parking lots, storefronts, and wherever else you want to advertise.

Pros: Durable, strong
Cons: Heavier material, higher cost


Pull-Up Banners


Pull-up banners are great for a quick and professional setup in a matter of minutes. This design features a sturdy base and a light structure that makes takedown simple at the end of the day. Banners can be changed out to suit your needs to make it a quick and versatile option.

Popular at large conferences, craft shows, or to direct people for events, pull-up banner displays are a step more modern looking than coroplast signage and easier to store when the event is over. These banners are a friend of anyone traveling and presenting information that can change as readily as your message does.

Pros: Storable, easy setup, vinyl can be changed out
Cons: Slightly higher cost, not for long-term outdoors


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