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Share the Holiday Magic with Custom Puzzles

Share the Holiday Magic with Custom Puzzles We all love to live the dream. And few announcements bring a joyful moment to rich, colorful life than custom photo puzzles. From proposals to pregnancy reveals to engagement announcements to kids’ birthdays to family vacations, personalized photo puzzles are unique gifts that are a fun, sentimental way…

Image Strategies for Metal 3DP

Strategies for Metal 3D Printing

LIVE WEBINAR Strategies and Tips to Get the Most Out of Metal 3D Printing Wednesday, November 7, 2018 11 – 11:45am EDT | 3 – 3:45pm UTC With metal 3D printing gaining rapid momentum as an innovative manufacturing process, it’s important to understand how to identify best fit applications and techniques to produce optimal and…


Basics of part reinforcement

Thanks to the Continuous Fiber Fabrication (CFF) process, composite Markforged printers are capable of producing metal-strength 3D printed parts. With complete control in part configuration, reinforcing your parts only where needed is the key to optimizing part strength while also managing cost control and material consumption. Attend this Markforged webinar on October 25th and learn how to apply basic fiber…


Metal X Printing

Fresh out of the oven. Our latest batch of metal parts. The Metal X uses an innovative technology to 3D print metal. Metal powder appears in the printing material in a very high concentration and is spooled, therefore it can be delivered via a heated nozzle. This means printing is done by the already proven…