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New Year’s Resolutions

We all set New Year’s Resolutions every year, and many of us fail miserably.

Many of the common resolutions include: losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier, quit smoking or drinking, get out of debt, get more organized, volunteer more, spend more time with family, be more positive    , and many more.

According to Widipedia, the most common reasons for failing is:

  • Setting unrealistic goals (35%)
  • Don’t keep track of progress (33%)
  • Forgot about it (23%)

So if you have already set your goals, it is not too late to reflect upon them and change if necessary. Make sure your goal is attainable, measureable and top of mind!

If you need help with tracking progress or reminders, talk to our staff.  We have graphic designers on staff that can help you create a chart to track your progress or even create motivational reminders for you to hang on your walls.  Here is to a better you in the new year!