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The Power of Direct Mail

When email first came about, everyone was so excited to hear the infamous “You’ve got Mail!” signaling mail received from a friend, loved one or associate.  Nowadays, our inbox is so heavily flooded with email that we simply find ourselves deleting most items without opening them.

Our mailboxes at home used to be filled with a large number of marketing pieces and since the emergence of email find themselves much emptier.  This trend has boosted the power of the direct mail piece.  Especially with millennials (ages 18-34), who give much more time and attention to the rare piece of actual mail in their mailbox over anything online (National survey research from ICOM).

According to the DMA response rate report, direct mail generates a 3.7% response versus a 0.62% generated by digital channels.  This stretches your advertising dollars when utilizing direct mail.

It is much easier for consumers to hang on to a piece of mail that they find useful.  Marketing pieces that are larger than your standard #10 business envelope tend to stand out more than other smaller pieces.

Let Rapids Reproductions help you with your direct mail piece.  If you have a mailing list of your target audience or just want to mail to every business, house and PO Box within a certain area, we can help!

From idea conceptualization to delivering to the post office, we can make your mailing campaign as painless and carefree for you as possible.   Let us help drive your clients to your business.  Contact us today to get started.