3D Printing: Annealing a New Metal

We have just sintered a new metal at Rapids Reproductions! The A2 Tool Steel was not only sintered but annealed as well. Annealing is a heat treatment process that alters the micro structure of a material to change its electrical properties. Typically annealing is used to reduce hardness, increase ductility, and help eliminate internal stresses.…

3D Printing Helps Customer In Need

A customer called us with a problem. There was a big show they were displaying their products at and a shipment of parts they needed got lost. They sent us the CAD files and we had them printed by the next day so they could take them to the show. Good example of what Additive…

scan blacksmith

Introducing Blacksmith For Additive Manufacturing

Produce the Right Part Every Time Blacksmith makes manufacturing machines ‘aware’ by connecting machines that make parts and inspection equipment with a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution. Blacksmith automatically adjusts programming to ensure every part is produced as designed. WATERTOWN, MA – May 20, 2019 – Markforged, the leading provider of metal and carbon fiber 3D…

3D printed pulleys

Printed Parts

Latest end-use parts from our 3D printers. A set of pulleys made from our composite Nylon/Chopped Carbon Fiber material. Strong on its own but can also be reinforced with continuous fibers to make a part as strong as Aluminum.